Important dates

  • April 1, 2019: Notification of Posters (first round) acceptances

  • May 1, 2019: Notification of decisions for Papers

  • May 15, 2019: Submission of Posters (second round) due

  • May 30, 2019: Notification of Posters (second round) acceptances

  • June 15, 2019: Camera-ready of Papers due

All submission are due 11:59 pm UTC.

Preliminary Schedule:

July 3 

8:00am: Registration

9:00am: Welcome

9:15am: Opening Address by the Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Hon. Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng.

9:30am: Keynote by Moustapha Cisse (Ph.D.), Google Research Lead - Google Accra

10:15am: Coffee Break 

10:45am: Paper Session 1 (Challenges and Opportunities):

  • Examining the Use and Non-Use of Mobile Payment Systems for Merchant Payments in India

  • Examining the Challenges in Development Data Pipeline

  • Mental Health in the Global South: Challenges and Opportunities in HCI for Development

  • Some Requests for Machine Learning Research from the East African Tech Scene

    • Spotlights on 5 posters

12:10pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Paper Session 2 (Farmers and Agriculture):

  • Low-Cost Aerial Imaging for Small Holder Farmers

  • Price Forecasting & Anomaly Detection for Agricultural Commodities in India

  • Anomaly Detection in the Presence of Missing Values for Weather Data Quality Control

  • Optimizing Peer Referrals for Public Awareness using Contextual Bandits

    • Spotlights on 5 posters

2:50pm: Coffee Break

3:15pm: Poster Session

5:30pm:  End   

July 4

8:00am: Registration

9:00am: Paper Session 3 (Education, Accessibility, and Health) :

  • “You Give a Little of Yourself”: Family Support for Children's Use of and IVR Literacy System

  • Learning from African Classroom Pedagogy to Increase Student Engagement in Education Technologies

  • Learnings from Deploying a Voice-based Social Platform for People with Disability

  • Technology, Home Health Care, and Heart Failure: A Qualitative Analysis with Multiple Stakeholders

10:20am: Coffee Break

10:50am: Paper Session 4 (Infrastructures at Scale):

  • Hardware, Apps, and Surveys at Scale: Measuring Low-Voltage Grid Reliability in Accra, Ghana

  • Street Smarts: Measuring Intercity Road Quality using Deep Learning on Satellite Imagery

  • Truck Traffic Monitoring with Satellite Images

  • GPU-accelerated Principal-Agent Game for Scalable Citizen Science

11:50am: Lunch

1:30pm: Workshops Session (Part 1)

3:00pm: Coffee Break 

3:30pm: Workshops Session (Part 2)

4:45pm: End 

7:00pm Evening at the +233 Jazz Bar and Grill

July 5

8:00am: Registration

9:00am: Welcome

9:15am: Invited Technical Talks (2 talks)

10:00am: Coffee Break

10:30am: Paper Session 5 (Limitations of Technology Infrastructures):

  • Categories of Control and Visibility in Mapping Infrastructures

  • Borders and Gateways: Measuring and Analyzing National AS Chokepoints

  • An Assessment of SMS Fraud in Pakistan

  • Identity at the Margins: Examining Refugee Experiences with Digital Identity Systems in Lebanon, Jordan, and Uganda

  • Moving into a Technology Land: Exploring Challenges for the Refugees in Canada in Accessing its Computerized Infrastructures

12:10pm: Lunch

1:40pm: Paper Session 6 (Big Data in Development):

  • Analysis of Parliamentary Question Hour Data, Mass Media Data, and Social Media Data to Study Discourse on Policies

  • Using Machine Learning to Help Vulnerable Tenants in New York City

  • Towards Building a District Development Model using Longitudinal Census Data in India

  • Reconstructing the MERS Disease Outbreak from News

3:00pm: Coffee Break

3:30pm: Town Hall

4:45pm: End